18.01.2021 • Do you need a maximum drive speed for your material handling equipment, but a compact and lightweight configuration is also important as well? Thus, we recommend our W series of SPIROPLAN gear units.

Advantages of W..9 SPIROPLAN® gear units:

W series right-angle gear units
W series right-angle gear units

- Lightweight aluminum housing for installation in structures where weight matters;

- Higher range of gear ratios compared to W.0, W.7 and K.9;

- High energy efficiency compared to worm gears (efficiency level is about 90% even at high gear ratios);

- due to high energy efficiency, these gear motors are cost-effective in operation;

- Short delivery times and SEW-EURODIVE service worldwide ;

- Silent work of a reducer at any speed;

- Modular design of SEW allows installation of all types of SEW motors and their variants, and also allows the user to conduct service independently

You can choose W..9 gear units on our website in the Online Support

In 2021, W..19 (80 Nm), W..49 (400 Nm) and W..59 (600 Nm) gear units were launched