01.03.2019 • The agitator design is ideal for use with mixers, agitators, surface aerators, and kneaders. It is thus a perfect fit for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, recycling, environmental technology, paper, cellulose, and waste water industries.

Gear units in a special agitator design
Gear units in a special agitator design

Easily optimized – extremely versatile FM../FAM.. or KM../KAM.. designs

With the special agitator design used in three highly successful standard gear unit series, SEW EURODRIVE covers almost every application for a wide variety of industries. For the helical gear units from SEW EURODRIVE, the RM.. series has long been available as a variant for mixer and agitator applications.

NEW to the portfolio are the two FM../FAM.. series, available as parallel-shaft helical gear units, and the KM../KAM.. series, available as helical-bevel gear units. In many cases, parallel-shaft and helical-bevel gear units are also used for this type of application. On the one hand, these gear variants enable more efficient utilization of existing spatial circumstances, while on the other hand, the agitator shafts with mixing element can be inserted directly into the hollow drive shafts being offered. Additional bearings can be dispensed with in many cases.

The permissible overhung loads range from 25 000 N to 176 500 N. The motors suitable for the sizes range in power from 0.12 kW to 90 kW. The maximum permitted gear unit output torque ranges from 820 Nm to 18 000 Nm.