06.04.2023 • are reliable and effective replacement for worm gearboxes

The new SPIROPLAN® W..59 gearbox completes the W..9 gearbox series – with a long-term permissible output torque of up to Ma max = 600 Nm. Earlier, in 2020-21, SEW-EURODRIVE launched W..19 – W..49 gearboxes and gear motors into production. Last year, we discontinued the W..37 and W..47 gearboxes, which were replaced by the new W..9. Unlike the well-known single-stage SPIROPLAN® gear motors of the W..0 series (W..10 – W..20), in the new 2-3-stage W..9 the SPIROPLAN® gear is located on the first stage with a relatively small transferable number. The second and, depending on the total gear ratio, the third gear stages are achieved by means of a helical gear, which gives gear ratios up to 200. As a result, the overall efficiency of the gearbox is at a very high level (about 90%), which is unattainable for worm gearboxes: in spiroid gears W..9 energy losses to heating are 2 times less than in worm gears! This fact allows us to save energy essentially. In addition, SPIROPLAN® gearboxes have steel-steel conjunction (with low wear and long service life for many years): therefore, we get a reliable and efficient solution for low-power motors (up to 4 kW) in the processing and transportation of materials and goods, in handling (conveyors and sorting packages).

SPIROPLAN® gearboxes of the W..9 series are available with a solid shaft with a flange (WF..), with a hollow shaft – in mounting or with a flange (WA.., WAF..), with a hollow shaft and a shrink disc (WH ..*, WHF..*) and with TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting (WT..*) as most customer applications require these designs. For W..9 gearboxes there is no foots mounting. Gearboxes that requiring foots mounting can be covered by S.. or K.. gear units series.

SPIROPLAN® gearboxes of the W..9 series are connected to all types of SEW-EURODRIVE asynchronous and synchronous motors, and can also be equipped with an adapter for a standard flanged motor of any manufacturer.

Therefore, now we have a complete line of SPIROPLAN® gear motors up to 600 Nm / up to 4 kW: W..10 – 30, W..19 – 59, which are more efficient and long-lasting wear well in comparison with worm gearboxes.

Additional information: https://www.sew-eurodrive.ua/produkty/motor-reduktory/standartnye_motor-reduktory/uglovye_motor-reduktory_spiroplan_wdr/uglovye_motor-reduktory_spiroplan_wdr-2.html

Online configurator: https://www.sew-eurodrive.ua/os/catalog/products/drives/acgearmotor/default.aspx?language=uk_UA&country=UA