02.02.2023 • In the current situation of supply shortages and energy-related problems, we are happy to share with you the good news, at the end of 2022, new asynchronous motors of DRU.. series have been added to the SEW-EURODRIVE portfolio in the power range from 0.75 to 375 kW. Most of the motors in the series are already available for the order.

These electric motors are suitable for operation both directly from the network and through a frequency converter and meet the requirements of IE4, the energy efficiency class standard that will become mandatory in Europe from July 1, 2023 (for motors from 75 to 200 kW).

One of our priorities is to make these IE4 motors available to you and your customers long before the legislation officially comes into force, thus allowing you to plan ahead. The new 4-pole asynchronous motors of the DRU.. series are available in versions from 0.75 to 375 kW, and therefore cover a larger power range than required by the law. They can be used as stand-alone motors up to 375 kW in foot and/or flange versions, or up to 200 kW in combination with a SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox to obtain a more compact geared motor, where the first gear of the gearbox is mounted directly on the motor shaft.

Combined with efficient gearboxes and intelligent frequency converters, these motors create energy-saving solutions that can control a huge variety of applications while keeping costs low. As a result, the well-known IE3 motors (DRN series) and the new IE4 motors (DRU series) from SEW-EURODRIVE play an important role in increasing efficiency, limiting energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

What will change on July 1, 2023?

This is the date when the third stage of the European Ecodesign regulations* for motors — (EU) 2019/1781 and (EU) 2021/341 — for motors between 75 and 200 kW comes into force. In Great Britain, legislation S.I. 2017 No. 745 takes effect from the same date. *For Switzerland and Turkey, EU rules apply directly.

What does not change?

The wide range of accessories and options in the DR.. modular motor system will not change. Although motors with brakes are not required to comply with the IE4 standard in the European Union, the IE4 motor of the DRU.. series can be equipped with a brake. The IE3 class motor with brake will naturally remain part of the motor range. All IE3 and IE4 AC motors for mains operation can also be used with an inverter.

What is changing in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, only the energy efficiency class IE3 is mandatory for motors from 0.75 to 375 kW (with some exceptions, for instance, motors with a brake or explosion-proof).

But if you care about saving energy or produce goods for export (to countries of the European Union or other countries where IE4 requirements apply), the new series of DRU motors will be useful to you.

Have questions or need help migrating to IE4 motors?

On our new "International Regulations" web page, we have collected all the key information about the motor efficiency requirements that are mandatory and/or applicable depending on the country.

You may also find links to our Energy Savings Calculator and Conversion Help tool.


Are you interested?

You can download the motor-gearboxes catalog with tables of possible combinations with new DRU motors (PDF file 10 MB) https://download.sew-eurodrive.com/download/pdf_u/27800083.pdf

or use our Online Product Configurator (to select DRU motors, you must specify — International Efficiency Class IE4)


There are also detailed technical data of DRU motors (in English) Detailed description with the technical data of the series DRU... (PDF)